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We get it, writing your own wedding vows can be daunting – but guys, you’ve totally got this! And whilst vow writing might not be the easiest thing in the world to do, putting pen to paper and getting personal with heartfelt promises is an amazing way to inject heart, soul and personality into your wedding ceremony. So get creative with these surefire ways to give your beau (and guests) the giggles or move them to tears with words that are authentically yours.

Marriage Celebrant Josh Withers has witnessed all kinds of vow ceremonies. From simple ‘I do’s’ to poetic passages, it’s safe to say Josh knows his stuff when it comes to couples tying the knot with unique promises. Josh’s invaluable advice is not only a well-rounded guide when considering writing your own lovely vows for your wedding day; it also refreshingly showcases a no BS approach.

So, what ARE awesome wedding vows?


They’re not tip-toeing around your OTT love fest or fuelled by words that don’t actually mean anything to you. Honest proclamations of love like “You’re the best human I know” are waaay more impressive than trying to piece together a list of long words you found on the Internet.

Josh believes that if you were to NOT Google, copy and paste – but instead spend the time to write down some words that could change your best friend’s life, it will make the experience a lot more memorable.


Awesome wedding vows are something that you actually believe. By saying “I want to spend the rest of my life with you and this is what it means to me,” you’re injecting a whole lotta love into the feels.

Some questions to consider asking yourself when writing vows are:

  • Why did you fall in love with your partner?
  • What made you think “I want to spend the rest of my life with this person?”
  • Where do you see yourselves in six months, six years or six thousand years?

Sure, flowers, photography and a really great cake are all important parts of a wedding. But as Josh explains, of more importance than these are your wedding vows.

“Your marriage is the creation of your words – you speak it into existence”

Yes, a celebrant technically makes you married. But in the big scheme of things, as Josh explains, this means nothing. “YOU saying you’re married, THAT makes you married.”


Even a one liner fits the bill. “I love you” is a classic favourite. Your vows aren’t a recollection of the days behind you, but more of a forecast for the love filled days ahead. Take this opportunity to write vows that bring life into your marriage. A chance for you to say, “This life I’ve got, I think it will be better with you and this is where I see us going.”

  • With a list of promises
  • In a poetic passage
  • By writing a series of commitments
  • Through humour

Present your vows in a way that makes sense to you. If promises aren’t your jam, get witty and crack a joke. Write a poem encompassing your relationship predictions, dreams or aspirations.

Where is this marriage headed and how do you envisage getting there?

Be yourself and make your wedding vows powerfully yours with these sure-fire ways to knock the socks off of every guest in the room – including your significant other.

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