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Susie Figgis

As celebrants, we are continually engaging with couples who are planning for, and experiencing marriage through their wedding. No two couples are the same and everyone’s ideal wedding is different. Marriage itself means vastly different things to different people … and Love has many expressions.

The ultimate goal for most couples entering into marriage is to create a wedding experience that defines and celebrates them as a unique couple. If this is your end goal, then a big part of the planning process involves getting a clear picture of what marriage means to you.

A few questions to ask yourselves:

What does a great celebration look and feel like for us?

What’s most important to us as a couple?

Ultimately what’s going to make us most happy?

Susie Figgis

When planning a wedding, it can be so easy to get distracted with details that mean little to you, or traditions that may feel irrelevant, or things that other people may think are important but you don’t.

It’s great if you can really tune in together and make authentic decisions around everything relating to your wedding, including who you work with … and when, where and how the magic happens.

Make your ceremony a true representation of who you are, where you’ve been, and where you see your lives going together.

What will make us reflect on this day with a happy heart and fond memories?

Susie Figgis

What does love and marriage mean to us?

As celebrants, we hear many varied responses to this question, but it’s definitely one that is best answered openly and honestly by each couple so that we can create a meaningful ceremony for you.

Ultimately, our role is to understand and interpret your answer to this question and bring that through in your ceremony.

Many people wish for this to happen in a fun and relaxed, yet meaningful way, allowing them to share and reflect on everything that’s beautiful about their life and love together.

In different cultures and ages, marriage has meant so many things. At this time in Australia, perhaps it’s best-defined something like this …

“The ultimate commitment by two people, to keep growing together, whilst enjoying ongoing intimacy and support, so they can flourish as a couple, individuals, and as a family. “

Susie Figgis

There will be an ebb and flow in love, this is a fact, and inspirational marriages come from the willingness of Brides and Grooms to step up and become amazing husbands and wives through all life’s up’s and downs.

Be optimistic yet realistic about love and life together… whilst still believing in the dream. It’s not all joy and flower petals, but it can be a honey pot of happiness if you tend it well!


The following thoughts were shared by Byron Bay wedding celebrant, Susie Figgis.

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Photography Credits:: 1) Stories by Ash 2) Simon Hunter 3) Mike and Amy


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