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Anchored Cinema

Anchored Cinema was built from a collective of like-minded creative souls with a passion for cinematography and filmmaking. As a creative bunch of storytellers, we not only understand how important your special day is, but how meaningful it can be to capture entirely the first step of your journey of everlasting love. We take this responsibility with the utmost significance however, we do not want to document your wedding, we would like to create and tell your love story through a film as unique as your love.

Our Cinematographers are based in the Gold Coast QLD, Port Stephens NSW and Melbourne VIC.

We often find ourselves traveling throughout Australia for wedding cinematography and rarely need to charge any extra for expenses.

We can travel anywhere in the world for you!

Anchored Cinema
She Takes Pictures He Makes Films

Introduced by a mutual friend outside a local pub, we soon began dating and sharing our work with each other, immediately realising how perfectly suited our styles were. Very quickly, ‘She Takes Pictures He Makes Films’ was born.

We work stealthily and unobtrusively, capturing real moments as they happen, and helping you to relax and enjoy your day. Never overcrowding you, or asking for awkward smiles from you and your guests, you won’t even notice we’re there. After all – your day shouldn’t be one big photo shoot, or feel like a film set! Your day is a celebration for you and those you love.

When the time comes for the portrait session, we’ll help guide you through the process (we know how hard it can be to pose for photos) and will help you to create truly unique, artistic images to frame and treasure. Alastair’s 6-8 minute films are beautifully edited to music – the perfect way to share your story online with friends and family.

We’ll capture all the details; the little things that you miss, the huge moments you never want to forget – and we’ll stay as long as you need us to. We may even join you on the dance floor. We feel truly honoured to work with incredible couples around the world and would absolutely love to hear from you.

She Takes Pictures He Makes Films
All Your Memories

The true value of a wedding film is in the many years ahead – the years you will spend together as husband and wife, looking back over your day. Reliving your day with your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. It is truly a once in a lifetime occasion…

…how do you want it to be remembered?

When the flowers are long dead, the cake is long eaten, the make-up is washed off, the dress tucked away in a cupboard, it is your Wedding Film that will keep on giving, year in and year out, for as long as people are watching films.

Who are we?

A young, uber-happy, madly-in-love husband and wife team, who (with the right balance of work, fun, together and alone time), have found true enjoyment in creating life-long memories for equally loving couples.

And here’s the thing you should know about us: We love what we do.

We’re not just saying that. We really do. We provide memories to last a lifetime, memories that people can look back on and enjoy FOREVER.

How can we not love that?

But enough about us – we want to hear about your story, and help you to capture this special day to enjoy forever.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call, or drop us an email. We pride ourselves on being super-lovely, honest and approachable people. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


All Your Memories
Rabbit and the Bear

One day all of your nearest and dearest will congregate to watch you exchange rings, a few heartfelt words and a kiss with your best friend. You’ll finally share the only thing you never have, you’ll take his last name, drinks will flow and two families will become one. As the years roll on your hands will age, your rings will wear, your memories will fade. Your film will serve as a reminder of how young you both were, how shiny your rings began and how happy everyone was in the very moment that two lives became one.

We are two peas in a pod, dog loving, beach dwelling, coffee drinking creatives who thrive on good vibes and similar souls.

We are Rabbit and the Bear.

Rabbit and the Bear
Roost Film Co

We capture those real and honest moments as they unfold naturally in the most raw, unobtrusive and emotive way.

We love a bride who is wildly free-spirited intensely inspired, ethereally enchanting and is passionately individual; one who won’t conform to tradition.

Based out of both Australia and the United Kingdom, Jordan and Tegan are Newlywed Duo and Storytellers behind Roost.

Roost Film Co
Sail Me To The Moon

We are not your every day wedding photographers or filmmakers. Our team is made up of professional and established commercial, lifestyle, surf, travel, culture, documentary and fashion filmmakers and photographers.

Our team apply many years of their skill and knowledge in the field to making your wedding look epic!

Most of all the Sail Me To The Moon team’s honest, happy and relaxed approach to our work means you can forget about the cameras and throw yourself into your big day.

Ming and Stefan also specialise in destination weddings and love to shoot wedding in all corners of the globe so don’t forget to enquire about our destination package discount.

Sail Me To The Moon
Byron Wedding Visual

It was our passion for documentaries that lead us into the wedding film industry, the excitement of capturing true moments as they unfold, allowing no second takes. The pleasure of witnessing the love between two people and making sure that it is captured in a way that reflects the true essence of the couple and their loved ones.

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life and there is no better way to preserve and relive these precious memories than with a video. You can rest assured that every moment of your day will be captured by skilled videographers that have a passion for storytelling through moving images . With bachelor degrees in film production the creative team bring experience, attention to detail and enthusiasm for every job.

Since every wedding is different and unique you have the opportunity to tailor a video package to suit all your needs. You also have the option to choose a pre-made package from our range of affordable wedding video packages. To help you in this process the team will always be available for consultation and guidance making sure that your video is a reflection of you as a beautiful couple and the magic that happens on the day.

Beyond filming weddings, the Lundmark brothers also have extensive experience shooting documentaries, short films, and commercials.

Byron Wedding Visual
Just For Love Photography & Film

Creating a wedding film needs to be so much more than setting up a camera and pressing record. It needs to be creative. It needs to be honest. It needs to tell your story… a JFL wedding film tells the ultimate version of your love story! It’s the best way to capture the memories from your wedding day, through not only sight but sound too.

The words of love and support voiced from your family and friends are some of the most important gifts you receive on your wedding day – the laughter, the tears, the words in your dad’s speech that most likely will never be spoken again. This is what a wedding film preserves for you. In each video, our only goal is to tell your unique story… we take care in creating art worth watching again and again… and again!

The great thing about working with JFL Photography for both your photos & video is that they are being created by one creative team. That means incredible results because we work so well together, we complement each other perfectly… never getting in each other’s way! This is not only great for your wedding film & photography, it’s also great for your stress level on and before your wedding day!

Interested? Get in touch today – I’d love to chat with you!

Happy Wedding Planning,

Kylie x

Just For Love Photography & Film
White Leaf Films

We are a creative studio specialising in storytelling with a cinematic touch. Andy, Bronte & Michael are our three professional videographers that make up this unique wedding videography company. White Leaf Films was born from our passion for film making and our desire to create a handcrafted film that tells a special story about each couple on their wedding day.

We love being able to document all the special moments from your day and present them in a memorable and unique way so you can look back at your wedding film in the future and get the same emotions and feelings you felt on the day.

At White Leaf Films technology and moving with the times excites us and that’s why we use the newest and most cutting edge equipment. This allows us to produce the highest quality wedding videography.

If you believe our style of wedding videography is going to suit your wedding day, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

White Leaf Films
The White Tree

The White Tree performs, entertains, shoots and edits all around Australia and the world, but our headquarters are in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney…and beautiful Byron Bay.

Since rocking out at Byron’s popular live music venues with our original bands nearly a decade ago (!), and shooting various film campaigns around the region (such as this one for Xavier Rudd – https://vimeo.com/129661720) we at The White Tree have held a deep love and appreciation for Byron Bay’s people, it’s culture and the venues around its spectacular beaches and hinterland.

Opening our doors to the Byron Bay wedding market in early 2015 has probably been one of the most exciting moments for The White Tree. The atmosphere and backdrop created at venues in this special part of the world enable our services to thrive.

Our live music can be customised to suit the various stages of an indoor or outdoor wedding. Our band size ranges from a 3 – 9 piece, and we can shrink down to a soloist or duo for ceremonies, or chilled out acoustic music for canapés and cocktail hours. We can also quickly transform into a highly energetic dance band for later in the night (when the guests have had a few more drinks!).

Our website contains detailed information about our prices and inclusions. There is also a bunch of galleries and clips showcasing our photography and film services.

We run regular live showcase gigs for The White Tree Band in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. Details for these gigs are frequently updated on our website.

The White Tree
Fisheye Studio

Rob and Barb have been producing top quality content for over 10 years.

The technology they have available for your wedding day is nothing short of incredible, using the latest cinema line cameras and super crisp prime film lenses it has transformed the wedding industry.

With Robs’ absolute love for motion pictures he has an ability to tell your unique story through the power of editing. When combining movement, audio bites and music he will create your wedding day movie.

We would love the have the opportunity to meet with you both and talk about your wedding day.

Fisheye Studio
Lemon Tree Film House

Lemon Tree Film House is….

Shaun and TJ – Husband & Wife / Best Friends / Coffee Lovers / Sugar Addicts / Marriage Enthusiasts and of course…….. Avid Film-Makers and Picture-Takers.

We’re constant & dependable friends during the craziness of planning a wedding and when your day arrives we’re unobtrusive and professional yet still a barrel of laughs (or at least we think so) which allows you to be completely yourselves.

Our Couples….

Laugh Constantly / Love Fiercely / Trust Us Unreservedly and most importantly….. Push The Boundaries; celebrating their marriage with a wedding that represents them 100%.

Our Filming Style….

Love and laughter is at the forefront of EVERYTHING we do in life but that couldn’t be more true than with the films we create. We’ve been filming weddings since 2010 and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We make sure your film is aesthetically beautiful, emotionally captivating but most importantly a unique, natural and honest reflection of your relationship and of your wedding. In other words, we’re all about YOU and capturing YOUR day exactly as it unfolds with no pretence.

We specialise in integrating both cinematic and ‘vintage inspired’ film processes to create films that don’t ‘date’.

We travel the WORLD documenting love… After all, regardless of the colour of your skin, where you place your faith, your sexual orientation, the clothes you wear or the language you speak – love is a beautiful thing and we want to be the ones to capture it.

And as for Photography…

Just ask! 🙂

Head on over to our Facebook page to read a few of our gorgeous couples’ reviews.

Lemon Tree Film House
YellowBull Weddings

Our passion is capturing beautiful and cinematic imagery, then cutting it together to tell a unique story and what story is more unique and beautiful than two people joining together for the rest of their lives? We have both been trained in the art of filmmaking and audio and bring our knowledge and creativity to each wedding we have the pleasure of filming. We are unobtrusive in our shooting manner and do our best to be a calming yet fun influence to you on your day.

Before your wedding day, we will take you on a coffee date where we can meet each other and get to know a bit about you and also to get a grasp of your style and what you might like. On the day we are on the ball and friendly but unobtrusive. We don’t think of your day as “just filming another wedding”, we think of it as creating something that you will watch and cherish for the rest of your life.

As every couple’s needs, wants and budgets differ we have 2 different packages to choose from. Both packages have us filming your full day ( what story is good with vital chapters missing?). For more info about our package please check out our website or feel free to contact us.

For more information about our packages please feel free to contact us. We hope to chat soon

YellowBull Weddings
Florido Weddings

Florido was established in 2012 but we have over 8 years shooting experience in weddings, lifestyle, photojournalism and fashion photography within Australia and abroad.

Our team of photographers and videographers work well under pressure and have hundreds of tricks to get you to relax in front of the camera. We really have seen it all so don’t worry. We are there to help unlock the good times.

Our tight-knit team share the same philosophy and are focused on delivering a personalised service; you’ll always know exactly who is going to be working with you on your wedding day.

Florido Weddings
GoldBear Wedding Films

We are mates, have been forever. We’ve been putting our hand to creative projects for as long as we can remember, everything from painting murals & making websites to playing in bands (Mike did a 4-week tour at 16, getting snuck in the back door of venues to play).

When we found ourselves filming weddings for friends something clicked, and a long way down the track here we are… the Bear has roamed and hasn’t looked back! Shooting weddings is great, the good vibes flow & it’s awesome meeting new faces making friends.. also spending such a huge moment with said friends.

We shoot loose and relaxed, we find we can tell the best story and capture the great moments this way. Weddings are joyous and we try to capture that joy on film. Cheesy wedding videos are just no good.. so we take a filmic approach, looking for authentic moments of colour, tone, zaniness and real personality. If you’re looking for a creative telling of your day…GOLDBEAR is the bear for you.

Hey! Congratulations, If you’ve read this far you’re committed to this wedding thing.. and thinking video, brilliant! We’re keen to hear about your day so check out our films and get in touch if you’d like a chat.

GoldBear Wedding Films

Looking For Venues?

Barefoot at Broken Head

At the end of a single stretch of sand, your guests look to the north to the most easterly point of Australia – the Byron Bay Lighthouse. There is salt in the air, eucalypts crowded thick over the hills, and waves rolling in from the point.

After the ceremony, the guests walk a minute over the sand dunes through a simple back gate to reveal the minimal Balinese-inspired masterpiece that is Barefoot at Broken Head.

The huge central living pavilion opens up through accordion doors to the tropical garden and huge decks in which are set four other buildings, where the families and couples that are staying can have perfect privacy when they desire, and huge common areas when they would like to commune.

There are five luxury bedrooms and a separate kitchen and dining area overlooking the pools where you can watch the kids frolic in the 30cm deep reflection pool or dive deep into the 20m lap pool, both set in golden sandstone.

In the days before and after your reception have relatives or friends to stay, ride the bikes along the beach at low tide, or drive 10 minutes into town to enjoy Byron’s restaurants. With the sound of the sea from your bed and a world-class point break a minute from your room – this is the ultimate Australian beach house.

Co-ordinators love weddings at Barefoot at Broken Head because it’s all here – no need to organise a professional kitchen, bathrooms, electricity, decorations, cool room, marquees, public liability insurance, gate attendant, rubbish removal or indoor/outdoor ceremony options. All this is included in the reception fee.

Rainforest Gardens

The breathtaking scenery and views sweeping the coastline of Moreton Bay, complimented with the fresh, crisp mountain air will take your breath away.

Capture your special day framed by century-old trees, lush gardens, exotic flora and fauna. The fairy-tale lakes and magic waterfalls radiate a sense of tranquillity, peace, and unrivalled romance.

Surprisingly, this secluded wonderland is just 40 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD and 45 minutes from the Gold Coast.

Rainforest Gardens | Honeywed
Summergrove Estate

Set within 73 lush Tweed Coast hinterland acres, with spectacular panoramic ocean and valley views, and only minutes from Coolangatta airport and pristine beaches.

Designed with relaxation, romance and lifestyle in mind, the unique hinterland charm of Summergrove Estate is guaranteed to create a lasting impression of your wedding day. The magnificent outlook from our grounds create infinite photo opportunities to capture those precious moments forever. Our Estate radiates an intimate atmosphere of magic and romance, making Summergrove Estate one of Australia’s most picturesque and enchanting wedding venues.

Consider Summergrove for your destination wedding, with wedding packages that include romantic and luxurious villas, use of the lawn tennis court and 25-metre swimming pool, private beauty room, garden or chapel ceremony – both with stunning ocean and hinterland views, with the choice of chapel or garden ceremonies, and restaurant (indoor or outdoor) or the barn (coming soon) reception venues. The 73 acres features beautiful scenery, spectacular views of the coast and hinterland including Mount Warning, rustic backdrops including a stone bridge and giant fig trees.

Every detail of your special day is planned to perfection and is personally attended to by our dedicated event team. Packages include elopement, ceremony only for both the chapel and gardens, intimate midweek weddings and exclusive use ceremony and reception packages.

Summergrove Estate | Honeywed
The Belongil

Nestled in the Belongil pocket is our casual Byron Bay Restaurant, conveniently located opposite the beach entrance.

Not only can you plan your dream wedding reception but you also have the option to hold your ceremony all at the one location, by utilising either the beach or grassed area across the road.

Our open plan restaurant is magically transformed into an intimate and warm wedding venue. Byron Bay is one of the most popular places to tie the knot in Australia, known for its natural coastal and hinterland beauty in a moderate climate.

Encompassing the natural tones of coastal landscapes, sea mist, ocean breezes and beautiful sunsets, Belongil Bistro furniture and décor compliments its surrounds perfectly.

Celebrate your wedding somewhere boutique, stylish and less predictable. Enjoy the private tranquillity of Belongil, within walking distance of Byron town centre.

Be impressed with warm service, great food and a stunning location in Byron Bay!

The Belongil | Wedding Venue | Byron Bay | Honeywed

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